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Industrial suction systems - Stucchi 1950
Mobile vacuum cleaners for sanding dust: how, when and why to use them
Stucchi 1950 mobile vacuum cleaners are perfect synonymous with manageability, flexibility and ease of use. Let's discover together in this article!

What are mobile extractors used for and what benefits do they have?

As can be easily understood from their name, the main function of a wheeled vacuum cleaner is the suction of dust deriving from sanding and polishing activities. The extractors allow you to keep the work areas clean, making the environment safe and professional for the workers. What differentiates these products from other Stucchi vacuum cleaners such as independent ones or centralized turbines, is the fact that they are equipped with wheels, which allow operators to easily transport the extractors within the work areas. Each of our vacuum cleaners has adjustable controls that make the working phases flexible according to the operator's needs. Furthermore, Stucchi mobile extractors have a modern and refined design, the result of the development of many years of work in this sector; we know how important the visual impact of a product is, a modern wheeled vacuum cleaner in a well-assorted work area makes all the difference in terms of image and customer loyalty.

Mechanical components and sectors of application

The self-cleaning filter system is the flagship of Stucchi 1950: the component has the purpose of always keeping the filters clean by means of an internal piston, without any need for maintenance. Stucchi offers a 5-year guarantee for its filtering system, guaranteeing perfectly functioning vacuum cleaners even after 20-25 years. Another essential element of the mobile extractor is the suction turbine, which is equipped with an automatic shutdown system when you finish using a tool connected to the aspirator. Stucchi 1950 mounts single-phase and three-phase turbines on its machinery, and a model that does not require electricity is also available because it is completely powered by compressed air. The applications of Stucchi wheeled vacuum cleaners are diversified but with the guarantee of always having a quality product in your hands: automotive (bodyshop and workshops for each type of vehicle), carpentry, nautical, aeronautical, and mechanical industry. Here are some examples of our installations divided by field of expertise.

Which vacuum cleaner to choose?

The Stucchi 1950 range offers diversified solutions:
  • Mobile sanding system AirOne: powered by compressed air, it does not require electricity.
  • Mobile vacuum cleaner ST-vAIR: powered by compressed air, incorporated Venturi System and complete with suction hose.
  • Mobile vacuum cleaner ST1-P: high-performance single-phase brushed motor 1.3 kW, electric and pneumatic automatisms.
  • Mobile vacuum cleaner ST1-C: high-performance single-phase brushed motor 1.3 kW, electric and pneumatic automatisms, compressed air reserve tank for filter cleaning.
  • Mobile vacuum cleaner ST2-C: two operators and two high-performance single-phase brushed motors 1.3 kW + 1.3 kW, electric and pneumatic automatisms, manual/automatic filter cleaning.
  • Mobile vacuum cleaner ST2-TF: three-phase suction turbine 1.5 kW, complete with a flat surface, suction hoses, accessory shelves, electric and manual automatisms, manual/automatic filter cleaning.
  • Mobile vacuum cleaner ST2-TF EX: three-phase suction turbine 2,2 kW ATEX certified, complete with a flat surface, suction hoses, accessory shelves, electric and manual automatisms, manual/automatic filter cleaning. This version has been designed for the extraction of aluminum and carbon powders.
We have also designed a series of accessories (storage compartments, shelves, multipurpose drawers, etc.) that can be adapted to the ST1 and ST2 models, in order to make the extractor a multifunctional element in the workplace.

We offer customized solutions to meet customer needs, contact us!

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18 June 2021