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Experience, efficiency, reliability and constantcooperation.

Stuchiis the whole of thesethings.

We are notonlysuppliers, in usyou can findrealcolleagues in the suctionfield,;wesupportourcustomerduring the whole production process: from the beginning of the process up to the perfectconclusion.

The guarantee the filteringsystem for 5 years, asyou can find in ouroperation and maintenancemanual, in the face of a high-qualitymechanicaltechnology.

The heart of a vacuumcleanerisnot the motor, is the filter. Thisis the reasowhy Stucchi decided to ensuretheir complete efficiency in order to offerperfectlyworkingmachinesalsoafter 20 - 25 years.

We are addressingo to bodshops, carpenter’sshops, mechanicindustry (metal workers and repairshops) and to the nauticalindustry (shipyards, yacht producers and vesselsmaintenance).

Ourstrength, in addition to the suctionpower, isgiven by the solid and executive design, as a result of a long planning experience.

The research and developmentdepartment - respecting a fast process - studies the idea, projects and actualizesitcustomingsolutions ad hoc, respectingcostumers’ needs and requirements.

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The Stucchi 1950 S.r.l.s has among its range of industrial vacuum cleaners is a series of mobile vacuums or trailer with single-phase motors and a series of vacuum cleaners with fixed turbine inlet phase.

  • Dust
  • Industrial vacuums
  • Vacuums independent
  • Aspirators for centralized systems
  • Suction benches
  • Exhaust fume extraction
  • Extraction of weldingfumes
  • Distribution
  • Binary system
  • Articulated arms
  • Multifunction panels
  • Hexagons Multifunction
  • Multifunction modules

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