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Industrial suction systems - Stucchi 1950
Independent extractors for sanding dust: characteristics and methods of use
Stucchi 1950 independent extractors are the ideal solution if you are looking for a stand-alone, flexible and quick to assemble machine. Let's find out in this article! What are independent extractors and in which work areas are they useful? Independent vacuum cleaners combine the suction of dust deriving from sanding activities and the autonomy and decentralization in a single extractor. The autonomy of these vacuum cleaners excludes the use of centralized turbines, which are more suitable for large plants. On the other hand, independent extractors are fixed stations with turbine, filtering and dust collection system completely autonomous for each machine; therefore it is not necessary to install a centralized system if your activities require a limited number of operators, with energy saving and maintenance costs. Free-standing or wall-mounted vacuum cleaners: features & applications Stucchi 1950 has designed two different models of independent vacuum cleaners, the first one is ideal for free-standing preparation areas, the other one is designed for wall installation, with support bracket included. Both models can branch into further versions with optional and turbines of different power. The independent extractors produced by Stucchi 1950 are comparable to suction modules and distribution of electrical and pneumatic energy. The simplicity of use is one of the workhorse of these models, simply power up the extractor and the operator can work immediately through the use of tools (both electric and compressed air), which will turn on the vacuum cleaner automatically or in manual mode. Like all Stucchi 1950 products, they are equipped with a self-cleaning filtering system (automatic and programmable by touch screen), which does not require any maintenance. The filter, guaranteed for 5 years, is the beating heart of the extractor, the flagship of Stucchi 1950: the component has the purpose of always keeping the filters clean by means of an internal piston of our own design. Stucchi 1950 independent vacuum cleaners can be adapted to different application sectors: automotive (bodywork and workshops for every type of vehicle), joinery, nautical, aeronautical, and mechanical industry. Here are some examples of our installations divided by field of expertise. Let’s see our products in the next paragraph! Stucchi 1950 independent vacuum cleaners Our range offers different solutions, free-standing vacuum cleaners:
  • Dust Extractor ME-1 Compact: high-performance single-phase brushed motor (1,3 kW), two operators, compact design.
  • Dust Extractor ME-1P Compact: two high-performance single-phase brushed motors (1,3 + 1,3 kW), two operators, compact design.
  • Dust Extractor ME-1: high performance single-phase turbine (1.3 kW), equipped with 7 m hose, front tool pocket, one operator.
  • Dust Extractor ME-1P: two high-performance single-phase turbines (1,3 + 1,3 kW), equipped with a 7 m hose, front tool pockets, two operators.
  • Dust Extractor ME-2: high performance three-phase turbine (2.2 kW), two operators.
  • Dust Extractor ME-2P: two high performance three-phase turbines (2,2 kW), equipped with 7 m hose, front tool pockets, two operators.
We conclude with the extractors designed for wall installation, all complete with support bracket:
  • Wall-mounted extractor ST1-M: high-performance single-phase turbine (1,3 kW), automatic uses and suction adjustment on the front of the machine, one operator.
  • Wall-mounted extractor ST2-M: two high-performance single-phase turbines (1.3 kW), automatic uses and suction adjustment on the front of the machine, two operators.
  • Wall-mounted extractor STM-TF: high-performance three-phase turbine (2,2 kW), automatic uses and suction adjustment on the front of the machine, three operators.
We have also designed a multifunctional model that combines a wall-mounted vacuum cleaner (ST1-M / ST2-M / STM-TF), an arms B5 / B6 and a multifunction hexagonal terminals. The model can be combined according to the customer needs; for more details visit the dedicated page by clicking here, you will find illustrative images and easily accessible technical data sheets. We offer customized solutions to meet customer needs, contact us! Do you want to stay up to date on promotions and news? Follow us on our Social pages (Facebook - Linkedin), and subscribe to the Stucchi Newsletter, we promise emails with useful and quality content!
11 October 2021