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Sunction Bench Stucchi 1950 M1 Jolly news
14 November 2016
At Automechanika 2016 in Frankfurt, the STUCCHI 1950 has presented its new Suction Bench called M1-JOLLY.
Suction Bench M1-JOLLY is the most versatile in its class, the small size, only 800x1000, but thanks to its extensions has a possibility to turn their support surface and stretch it up to 3 meters total, these accessories are the M1- JOLLY EXTENSION.
It 'also possible to equip the Suction Bench M1-JOLLY with double suction within the bench itself, as well as use the bench as a sanding system and not just as a vacuum table top, but enjoying a true multi-purpose work station this version is called M1-JOLLY COMBI.
When you have the need to work small parts, sanding by hand with pads or abrasive paper or when using tools without suction takes advantage of the vacuum table that will remove the dust created, but at the same time with the M1-JOLLY COMBI model you will have a sanding system for use directly on the component to be sanded.
Truly a unique product!



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