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Industrial suction systems - Stucchi 1950
The Stucchi ST-Arr (Ø 150) hose reels for exhaust gas extraction are designed for use in workshops for trucks, buses and earthmoving vehicles, guaranteeing excellent performance thanks to the top-of-the-range components. The diameter of the hose is 150 mm and it can withstand temperatures up to 180°; if necessary, hoses resistant to higher temperatures are available. The recovery mechanism can be spring-loaded (-FT), with remote control (-MT), or radio control (-RT). Different sizes of the reel drum available, here are the formats: L, XL, XXL. Versions available (reel diameter - flexible hose length - type of hose recovery):
  • ST-Arr ø 150 - L. 7.5 m. - FT / MT / RT
  • ST-Arr ø 150 - L. 10 m. - FT / MT / RT
  • ST-Arr ø 150 - L. 12.5 m. - FT / MT / RT

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