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ST2Combi / M1-Small / M1 / M1-Combi
04 Luglio 2016

Always the STUCCHI 1950 has the aim to meet the needs of each customer, that among the wide range has consistently been able to choose between industrial vacuum cleaners, vacuum cleaners both mobile with single-phase motors, fixed aspirators with three-phase suction turbines, creating workstations or sandingstation, with panels, multifunctional hexagons and distribution modules energies, sliding overhead system, or even the articulated suction arm, were created just following the directions of the car-bodywork areas, carpentry customers , in industry or in the marine industry (shipyards, yacht production, maintenance of ships), hence the development of a new extraction concept of the sanding dust.

Why you are limited by a tool?

Why clog expensive filters?


Because there was no alternative!

Prepare to enter into a new era, the era of work equipment adapted to your own use and not the opposite!



Stucchi 1950 srl Powders Exhausting System provides its own technicians and designers to the customers with the aim of achieving the best solution, using the internal design Stucchi 1950 is able to create suction plants, work devices and more, tailored to customer needs. ... ..

Stucchi 1950 S.r.l.s. a world of solutions ....


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