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Industrial suction systems - Stucchi 1950

Products for industrial suction and energy distribution

We design suction units that meet the needs of functionality and efficiency

Since 40 years we realize solutions of industrial aspiration that answer to the demands of the customer

Our technicians support the customer in reaching ambitious goals in terms of quality

Quality check
We guarantee the management of every process according to quality parameters tested in every phase

Why choose us?

We design industrial suction systems
Stucchi 1950 Srl is a company present for over 40 years on the global market, specializing in the design and manufacture of industrial vacuum cleaners for automotive (bodywork and workshops), nautical, aeronautical industry, joineryand general industry.
The Stucchi 1950 S.r.l.s has among its range of industrial vacuum cleaners is a series of mobile vacuums or trailer with single-phase motors and a series of vacuum cleaners with fixed turbine inlet phase.
  • Dust
  • Industrial vacuums
  • Vacuums independent
  • Aspirators for centralized systems
  • Suction benches
  • Exhaust fume extraction
  • Extraction of weldingfumes
  • Distribution
  • Binary system
  • Articulated arms
  • Multifunction panels
  • Hexagons Multifunction
  • Multifunction modules
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