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Industrial suction systems - Stucchi 1950
Stucchi 1950 suction benches, ideal for dry dust or for dust deriving from sanding. Our benches have an internal suction and filtration system, therefore they can be used independently and without being connected to a centralized system. The COMBI models suction benches have double suction thanks to both the suction bench and an internally located extractor equipped with a orbital tool (a sanding machine, for example). These models have been created to protect 100% the environmental and the safety of the sanding operators; thanks to the double suction it will be possible to have sanding machine and suction bench in a single product: 80% of the dust is sucked by the orbital tool, the remaining 20% ​​by the suction bench. It is possible to adjust the suction power of the bench (via an inverter) and the extractor connected to the sanding machine (via the electronic board), this guarantees significant energy savings. Last but not least, we have designed and produced a workbench for car detailing, designed to take care of intensive cleaning, polishing and aesthetic maintenance of the vehicle and its details in detail.
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