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Industrial suction systems - Stucchi 1950
Exhaust gas extraction will no longer be a problem thanks to the Stucchi 1950 hose reels, centrifugal fans and nozzles. The Stucchi 1950 hose reels for exhaust gas extraction are an ally in the workshop to make the best use of the working area; in fact, they allow you to keep tidy and gain space, as well as being useful for collecting the suction hose when it is not in use. To best support our customers, we have developed two models of exhaust gas hose reels: the ST-Arr, top of the range, versatile and modular, and the ST-One, compact and easy to use. The Stucchi 1950 range dedicated to exhaust gas extraction does not end here! In addition to the hose reels, a series of nozzles are available which are completely adaptable to any vehicle and at high temperatures: from rubber material to stainless steel, and then move on to nozzles on fixed or sliding bases, ending up with models with two modular nozzles for dual exhaust. Finally, we have designed centrifugal fans, components that are especially useful for exhaust gas extraction systems. According to the customer needs, the Stucchi 1950 centrifugal fans can be mounted both inside and outside the working area, on the ground, on the wall or on the roof. Various accessories are also available such as the soundproof box, useful for reducing the noise of the fan, and different types of electrical panels, even with inverter.
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