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Industrial suction systems - Stucchi 1950
The Stucchi 1950 centrifugal exhaust gas fans are one of the main elements of the suction systems. The choice of the most suitable type and size must always be carefully analyzed to obtain a performing system. The Stucchi 1950 range includes three models of exhaust gas fans, with the aim of satisfying the largest number of cases possible:
  • AMM series fans are suitable for systems with medium-large flow rate and balanced pressure drop.
  • AMB series fans are suitable for systems with high flow rate and low pressure drop.
  • AMA series fans are suitable for systems which must withstand high pressure drop compared to previous models. This fan can be indicated when the suction line has to be realized with relatively small diameters and has to be won considerable pressure drop.
All centrifugal fans can be mounted both inside and outside the structure, on the ground, on the wall or on the roof according to the size and needs of the customer. Various accessories are available such as soundproof boxes to reduce noise and different models of electrical panels, even with inverter.
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