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Industrial suction systems - Stucchi 1950
The nozzles are a fundamental component for extracting exhaust gas. They represent the terminal part of an extraction system, must be chosen carefully to facilitate connection operations and ensure that the system works in the best possible way. Stucchi 1950 range of products offers nozzles which can be connected directly to the exhaust pipes, with diaphragm, pliers and clamps, nozzles on a fixed stand or mounted on a mobile cart. Each of them has characteristics that makes it more suitable for a specific vehicle or operation. The rubber nozzles are ideal for cars and motorcycles, while for heavy vehicles, in addition to rubber models, metal (stainless steel) nozzles are available. The latter are suitable for supporting particular exhausts (in-line, for example) or higher emission temperatures. In the case of cars with dual exhausts, kits with two sliding nozzles mounted on a stand with wheels and movable arms are available, useful for positioning the nozzles directly next to the exhaust pipes. The exhaust gas nozzles are available for connection to various hose diameters. The choice of the hose must be made based on the volume of air sucked in to ensure the best functioning of the exhaust gas extraction system.
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