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Industrial suction systems - Stucchi 1950
The Stucchi 1950 ST-One hose reels for exhaust gas extraction are designed to best meet the needs in car and motorcycle workshops. The volume of the reel drum is available in the standard and XL version, both models with 75 and 100 mm hose diameter, resulting, due to their size, easy to assemble and very compact. The standard hose, with an anti-crushing structure, is specific for exhaust gas and heat resistance up to 180°. The structure of the ST-One hose reel is made of epoxy-coated sheet metal. This gives a remarkable resistance and an interesting visual impact. The recovery of the hose is obtained thanks to a spring which is charged while the suction hose is unwound. By implementing a centrifugal fan, we have also developed hose reels for exhaust gas extraction, ideal for independent suction systems; this version is also available with variable drum volume and hose diameter.
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