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Industrial suction systems - Stucchi 1950
Independent dust extractor, ideal for easy installation preparation areas and commissioning. Three-phase turbine 2,2 kW, self-cleaning filtering system that does not need any maintenance. Equipped with double automatic use both electric/pneumatic, and regulated dry air. Free-standing or built-in installation, modular parts designed to adapt to preparation areas. Abrasive paper holder furniture and other objects or tools make this independent dust extractor the most complete product among its range, the comfortable front pockets allow to store the sanders inside.
  • Voltage: 400 V 50Hz
  • Control voltage: 12 volt
  •  Suction volume: 306 m3/h
  •  Suction vacuum: 210 mbar
  • Supply air pressure: max 9 bar
  • Vacuum turbine: 2.2 kw
  • Noise: 72 dBa
  • Sizes: 2000 x 400 x 2000 mm
  • Weight: 223 kg

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Datasheet – Independent Extractor ME-2PD
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